Pauly Shore shouts out Oscar-winning ‘Encino Man’ co-stars Ke Huy Quan and Brendan Fraser


(NOTE LANGUAGE) Sure, he was the butt of an Oscars night joke from Jimmy Kimmel, but Pauly Shore is taking it all in stride, for the sake of giving flowers to newly minted Academy Award winners Ke Huy Quan and Brendan Fraser.

The pair appeared alongside Shore in 1992’s hit comedy Encino Man, which Kimmel poked fun at during his monologue. “Two actors from Encino Man are nominated for Oscars. What an incredible night this must be for the two of you, and what a difficult night this must be for Pauly Shore,” Jimmy joked.

For his part, Shore posted a video of the bit Monday, noting, “If you haven’t checked it out, watch this clip. Very funny — I really loved it.”

Shore added, “But what I REALLY loved is that my old buddies from back in the day, Brendan Fraser and @KeHuyQuan, took home the Oscars. What a story. I mean really guys, what a f*****’ story.”

Pauly added, “If we can all learn something from this, never quit on your dreams. Keep dreaming, work hard, and put in the time, and if your stars line up and you’re in the entertainment business, one day Hollywood will hit you in the head with the pixie dust like it did for Brendan and Ke.”

However, Shore also told Page Six on Monday, “We love to hate people when they’re on top. People wanted to smash me down and they did. I was always nice to everyone, always cool, I put my heart into my all my films.”

He added, “Human beings have feelings, it’s not like selling real estate.”

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