Netflix unveils trailer to ‘Extraction 2’


On Tuesday, Netflix unveiled the full trailer to hard-hitting sequel Extraction 2.

Once again, Chris Hemsworth stars as Tyler Rake, the not-quite-dead mercenary who survived being “clinically dead” at the original’s climax, only to take on another risky mission.

This time around, he needs to rescue “the battered family of a ruthless Georgian gangster from the prison where they are being held,” according to the streamer.

The trailer shows a team of baddies dismounting a helicopter to storm a moving train in an effort to snatch the targets, only to have Hemsworth’s character show up, guns blazing and fists flying.

About that prison break, the movie’s producers, Marvel movie veterans Joe and Anthony Russo, teased that Extraction’s stuntman-turned-director Sam Hargrave prepped a one-take, 21-minute-long prison break sequence for his follow-up movie.

The sequel drops on Netflix June 16.

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