Meet the class of ‘The Boys’ spinoff ‘Gen V’


Prime Studios and Sony Pictures Television have shared the character descriptions and photos for their spinoff to The Boys, Gen V.

The series centers on the students of Godolkin University, the institution run by Vought International, the company that created the superhero team The Seven.

Jaz Sinclair plays Marie Moreau, “an 18-year-old superhero with the ability to control and weaponize her own blood.” She “is eager to prove she has what it takes to join The Seven, but is sidetracked by a mystery she begins to unravel at the school.”

Patrick Schwarzenegger plays Luke Riordan/Golden Boy, who can light his entire body on fire, and who is one of The Seven’s top prospects.

Chance Perdomo plays Andre Anderson, a junior with magnetic powers. He’s the best friend of Golden Boy, and as the son of famous superhero Polarity, “has big shoes to fill.” Sean Patrick Thomas plays his Godolkin University alum dad.

Lizze Broadway plays Emma Meyer/Little Cricket, who can shrink down to insect size. Maddie Phillips plays Cate Dunlap, a junior who can “push people to do anything she commands using the touch of her hands, which she uses to her advantage,” and one of the most powerful supes on campus.

London Thor and Derek Luh play Jordan Li, a competitive student who has the unique ability of changing between male and female forms, both with their own powers: “the man is dense and indestructible, while the woman is agile and can launch energy blasts,” Prime Studios says.

Asa Germann plays Sam, a troubled supe “with super strength and invulnerability,” but who is plagued by hallucinations.

The cast also includes veteran character actor Clancy Brown as criminology professor Rich “Brink” Brinkerhoff, while Shelley Conn is the school’s dean, Indira Shetty.

Gen V debuts globally on September 29.

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