Martin Scorsese says he won’t retire like Quentin Tarantino promises to


At 80 years young, legendary filmmaker Martin Scorsese just saw his latest acclaimed epic, Killers of the Flower Moon, premiere in theaters — and he’s not slowing down.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Scorsese was asked if he’d ever consider calling it a career, as another Oscar winner, Quentin Tarantino, says he’s going to do after his 10th film, The Movie Critic.

Tarantino won a screenwriting Oscar for 1994’s crime classic Pulp Fiction, but not a Best Director statue, like Scorsese’s long overdue accolade for 2009’s The Departed.

When asked if Scorsese was “built different” for not considering hanging it up, the filmmaker replied, “I am.”

He also added of Tarantino, “He’s a writer. It’s a different thing … I get attracted to stories through other people. All different means, different ways. And so I think it’s a different process.”

That said, Scorsese noted, “I respect writers and I wish I could. I wish I could just be in a room and create these novels, not films, novels.”

And another reason he won’t retire? “I’m curious about everything still,” Scorsese maintains. “That’s one of the things. If I’m curious about something I think I’ll find a way. If I hold out and hold up, I’ll find a way to try to make something of it on film, but I have to be curious about the subject. My curiosity is still there.”

He added of the writer/director, “I couldn’t speak for Quentin Tarantino or others who are able to create this work in their world.”

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