Kathy Griffin says she’s “disappointed” learning about how Harry met Meghan


Kathy Griffin took to Instagram to vent about Harry & Meghan, the Netflix docuseries about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

For one thing, the comedienne expected to witness “a great love story” — or at least one worthy of a prince.

“They met on freaking Instagram,” Kathy said. “Prince Harry was just flipping through Instagram looking for another hot brunette, like every other guy in LA. So I’m disappointed.”

Griffin continued, “I thought this was going to be a great love story. I mean, have they watched The Crown?” Instead, “Prince Harry’s like Armie Hammer,” the disgraced actor who allegedly scoured Instagram for women, some of whom he reportedly victimized.

She also took issue with Meghan not addressing “at all” her first gig on Deal or No Deal. “That’s a great union gig for an actress,” Griffin protested.

She did allow, “I’m in, I’m going to watch. So don’t attack me.”

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