Jerky Boys fans react to ‘Twisted Metal’ Easter egg


Society has collapsed in the post-apocalyptic world of Peacock’s video game adaptation Twisted Metal, so who can blame Anthony Mackie‘s John Doe for needing some laughs between fending off vehicles equipped with machine guns and murderous marauders on the open road?

Before popping in a CD of some more appropriate chase music in the series’ first episode, there was a blink-and-you-miss it Easter egg: He’s been listening to The Jerky Boys.

The Jerky Boys have sold more than 8 million albums, and even before they were signed in 1990, their bootleg tape of prank calls had become a global phenomenon.

They still have a rabid fanbase, too.

Jerky Boys creator Johnny Brennan tells ABC Audio those fans noticed the Twisted Metal shoutout. “You wouldn’t believe all the people that were excited about it,” Johnny enthused exclusively to ABC Audio via social media.

He adds, “[T]ons of people [are] sending me video clips” of the show, calling it “awesome.” He expressed, “It’s a wonderful thing in these times to see people actually looking for something that puts a smile on their face, and there’s no doubt nothing did it better than The Jerky Boys.”

According to Twisted Metal, that apparently applies to the end times, too.

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