Jenna Ortega begrudgingly does the Wednesday dance in ‘SNL’ promo


This weekend, Jenna Ortega will be seen in theaters stalked by Ghostface in Scream VI, but in a promo for her upcoming stint hosting Saturday Night Live, she’s being haunted by something else: her viral dance from Wednesday. 

In the spot, Ortega says to people off-camera, “This is really well written, I just, I don’t feel like I wanna want to do the Wednesday dance for promo, because we’ve seen so much of that already, and I think it’s time to do something new, you know?”

At that point, the camera pulls back to reveal writers Ben MarshallJohn Higgins and Martin Herlihy — the guys behind the show’s Do Not Destroy videos — all wearing black dresses identical to her character’s in the dance scene.   

“Yes,” they all agree, with Herlihy offering, “We didn’t want to do the dance, either.” 

She replies, “I just didn’t know, because you’re all dressed exactly like Wednesday.” 

“Are we?” he responds. 

Marshall adds, unconvincingly, “Is this from your television program?” 

Ortega replies, “Yeah, down to the frill.”

Marshall says, “It wouldn’t be a dream come true to do the dance with you, so let’s just not do it then.”

Higgins then replies, “I barely know it,” before meekly miming all the moves. 

“OK, fine,” she relents, and the guys cheer, before the four of them perform the dance, with Ortega considerably less thrilled than the dudes are. 

Ortega takes the SNL stage again on Saturday night, with The 1975 as musical guest.

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