Jason Sudeikis and Brett Goldstein on the possibility of more ‘Ted Lasso’ following show’s third and final season


Will the upcoming season 3 of Ted Lasso be the end? The first episode debuts a week from Wednesday on Apple TV+, and the answer about an ending is complicated.

It seems as if this is the end of the story they want to tell, but the show could continue on in either a different iteration or a spinoff or something else. ABC Audio asked star and co-creator Jason Sudeikis if he could clear up the confusion — is this the final season or not?

“It is as far as I know. Yes. Yeah… I’m editing this one and you know, we have not rented any studio space.” Sudeikis declared, before joking, “Everybody is doing different projects. Nobody would call me back. You know, that’s a good sign, right? When the cast stops being, you know, getting back to you right away. I’m like, Oh, it must be over.”

Show writer and co-star Brett Goldstein had even less to offer in the way of clarity, offering only that “It is an ending…a completion of a story. So I’d say prepare for the end. An end. A end. Apple?”

Sudeikis says they always envisioned a three-season arc, which they “sort of modeled it after the British Office, how they had two seasons and then like a Christmas special,” but they never anticipated how popular the show would be.

“You know, things morphed and changed in many, many ways, with the influence of our writers and certainly the people that we cast as these various characters and we got to stay open to the discovery, it would be silly not to,” he explains. “But yeah, at this point the trilogy if you will…you know, we’re trying to wrap up those stories as the best we can.”

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