“Dwayne Vin Diesel Johnson”: Fans snark at French museum’s wax figure of The Rock


The Rock is in wax at a French museum and Instagrammers are waxing not poetic, but sarcastic, about it.

The images of the Grévin Museum in Paris’ Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson statue that were posted to Instagram have been met with near universal derision by fans, who have a lot to say about the not-so-lookalike to the movie star. He is WWE’s People’s Champion, after all.

Much of the flak is because viewers feel the waxy avatar is the wrong color. “[W]ho is this because uhhhh… You do know he’s Samoan and black right?” one snarked.

Another Instagrammer posted a gif of cleaning icon Mr. Clean in response to the pics.

“That’s not Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, that’s Wayne ‘The Opal’ Johnson,” jabbed another.

And as if the insults didn’t come fast and furious enough, others posited it looked more like one of Johnson’s co-stars than him, with “Dwayne Vin Diesel Johnson” from one commenter and “That’s Vin ‘The Rock’ Diesel,” coming from another.

So far, there’s no comment from the flesh-and-blood version of the superstar.

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