Details emerge about Amanda Bynes’ psychiatric hold


ABC News has confirmed that Amanda Bynes was placed on a psychiatric hold early Sunday morning in Los Angeles.

TMZ initially reported that Bynes was spotted wandering naked through a rough neighborhood and later called 911 on herself. Now, a law enforcement source tells ABC News that around 6:40 Sunday morning, Bynes was in the parking lot of a Sizzler restaurant when the LAPD received a call about a female with mental illness. Responding officers found Bynes at that location.

The source further confirms Bynes was cleared by Los Angeles paramedics before a mental health team that was also dispatched transported her to a hospital and placed her on a psychiatric hold, known in California as a 5150 hold.

Bynes reportedly “made no threats” on the emergency call.

The 36-year-old actress’ struggle with mental health was at the center of a nine-year conservatorship that was placed on her affairs. It was terminated last year, nearly a year to the day of this recent incident.

Bynes’ mother, Lynn Bynes, was put temporarily in charge following a 2013 incident in which the Easy A actress reportedly started a fire in a neighbor’s driveway, which came on the heels of previous erratic behavior. After the driveway incident, the actress was placed on a temporary psychiatric hold.

The conservatorship was reinstated in 2014, the same year Bynes revealed she’d been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

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