‘Back to the Future’ “family” reunion selfie gives fans all the feels


Lea Thompson was reunited with her Back to the Future co-stars Michael J. FoxChristopher Lloyd and Tom Wilson over the weekend at a pop culture convention, posting a selfie that gave fans all the feels. 

The quartet from the movie trilogy, which started with the 1985 original, was shown smiling at the camera during Fan Expo Portland, and took to their socials to mark the occasion. 

Thompson, who played Fox’s mom, Lorraine Baines-McFly, in the films, noted, “Wow honestly had the best time today with my #bttf family.”

Fox posted a photo of him and Thompson together on a now-vanished Instagram Story, noting, “I love being at these FanExpo events and seeing some of my favorite people like Lea, Tom, Chris and all you #bttf heads. Heavy.”

Wilson, who starred as Biff Tannen in the original and played both the bully’s offspring, Griff, and also his progenitor, Buford “Mad Dog” Tannen in the course of the time-spanning trilogy, also shared the selfie, captioning, “Okay, so this happened. 2023.”

In one of actress-director Thompson’s videos, she warmly embraced Lloyd, who played Dr. Emmett Brown, and in another hugged Wilson, calling him, “my favorite, favorite guy,” to which he answered, “I love this lady.” She then playfully asked him, “I’m a butthead, right?” aping one of Biff’s famous put-downs. Wilson responded, “I’ve never done this to you, I don’t bring this out …for anybody,” and pretended to knock on her head, and quoted his character, saying, “Hello, anybody home? Think, Lea!”

Fox and Lloyd recently reunited at New York Comic Con in October 2022.

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