Ahead of hosting ‘SNL’, Michael B. Jordan was surprised by how many staffers slept with “him”


As Michael B. Jordan was working on this weekend’s Saturday Night Live, he learned a slightly embarrassing fact: For the past 10 years, staffers at the sketch show have been sleeping with him.

Sort of.

As Jordan explained to SNL vet Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, “I walk into the office, and they said, ‘This might be weird. This might be a little weird, but we actually have been living with you for the past 10 years."” 

“Ten years, what are you talking about?” he reportedly replied. Jordan explained he met the producer who reportedly received a life-sized body pillow printed with his sweaty, shirtless image as a gift; the actor-director showed Fallon and the studio audience a photo of him standing next to his downy doppelgänger.

“She was like, ‘Listen, our hours here are so crazy, everybody takes naps at some point during the day,"” MBJ recalled. “And I said, ‘So wait: Every lady in here has slept with me at some point for the last 10 years?!"” 

“And they were like, ‘Actually yes,"” Jordan said to hoots and applause from the audience. 

Saturday Night Live’s Instagram posted a photo of the meet-up for your viewing pleasure.

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