After Wednesday’s finale, ‘Andor’ executive producer Tony Gilroy teases what’s in store for season 2


On Wednesday, the longest Star Wars TV series to date, Andor, wraps up on Disney+.

The show, which shows the early days of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’s Cassian Andor and his journey to the Rebellion, was co-produced by Diego Luna and executive produced by Tony Gilroy, the man credited with turning around the messy production on Rogue, and turning the film into one of the most-loved Star Wars movies in a generation.

The well-received 12-episode series scored a follow-up, with shooting already underway on a sophomore season. ABC Audio asked Gilroy what he could say about the new season. 

As it turns out, the show will span many years and lead right into the moment we first met Cassian, when he interrogated — and eventually kills — a contact who had secret information for him. 

Gilroy explains, “When we finish episode 12…it’ll still be four years until the events of Rogue One. And in the second half of the show [there’s] another 12 episodes.” [I]nstead of covering one year, we’ll cover four years,” he continued. “And we will — I mean, there’s no secret — we’re going to walk him in, the last scene of the show, be him walking to the ship to go to the Rings of Kafrene to go see Danny Mays [who played Tivik] at the beginning of Rogue.” 

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